Sheboygan County Economic Support

The mission of the Economic Support Division is to provide timely and accurate benefits to eligible recipients residing in Sheboygan County within the guidelines of the Federal, State, and County regulations. Our customers will be recognized as individuals with unique needs and shall be treated with respect and dignity. The ultimate goal of the division is to provide the means by which those we serve can gain self-sufficiency. therefore assistance shall be given in the least prohibitive and instrusive manner.

Division Services

The Economic Support Division administers assistance programs to Sheboygan County residents through State, County, and Federally funded programs such as:

  • FoodShare Wisconsin
  • Medicaid, including:
    • BadgerCare
    • Family Planning Waiver
    • Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP)
    • Family Care
  • Child Care Provider Certification
  • Wisconsin Shares (Child Care) Eligibility & Payment

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is determined by consideration of income, assets, family size and household circumstances.

Non-Discrimination Statement

For more information please contact the Capital Consortium at 1-888-794-5556.